handful of soil

Good Soil/Amendments

“Good soil is not just “dirt”, according to Edward Smith (The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible), it is a repository for...

snow covered tarps in garden

Our Colorado Weather!

Garden Site/Weather   So, while the pepper seeds are germinating in the house under grow lights, let’s talk about the garden site here in Morrison Co. The United States...

cluster of serano peppers on counter

Let’s Get Started!

It’s finally time to start some indoor seeds!  I used to start the pepper and tomato seeds at the same time in mid-February because I was SO eager to...

multiple seed packets on table

It All Starts With Seeds!

Do you know the difference between Heirloom, Hybrid and GMO seeds?  Heirloom seeds have been cultivated since before 1951 which means the same seeds will grow true to type...

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