Garlic Braids


Garlic is sometimes called the “stinking rose” due to its strong odor from one of its components called ‘allicin’. It is native to South and Central Asia and has been around for several thousand years moving further west until the Renaissance when it became widely used for cooking.  Historically it has also been used for […]

doe and twin fawns at bird bath


All kinds of animals visit us on our 1.4 acre property including bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, deer, fox, rattlesnakes, rabbits, skunks and birds and mice!  When we built the garden, we had a good plan for fencing all these animals out, especially the rabbits and deer that just love the greenery.  We started with […]

Snap Pea growing


The season has finally taken off with real summer weather!   I have already been harvesting asparagus, spinach, green onions (planted last fall), arugula and lettuce.  The snap peas & regular peas are starting to produce fruit with tons of flowers for more to come!  The remaining summer veggies will be ready to pick in a […]

Spring Storm

Colorado Spring Garden Update

(Aerial View of Garden After Snow)  I directly sowed my warm weather vegetables – cucumber, cantaloupe, black beans, edamame and zucchini on May 9th.   They started poking their heads out in about 7 days.  I also took my tomatoes and peppers and placed all 7 trays (with 18 plants each) on one of the beds […]

asparagus spear

Spring Sowing and Reaping

  Soil amendments were added last fall. We turned a half a ton of steer manure into all the boxes of soil, added nitrogen and potassium so things were ready to be planted first thing this spring.  The first weekend in April the soil temperature 50 degrees and weather forecast showed no sign of spring […]

handful of soil

Good Soil/Amendments

[Cover photo from the book The Vegetables Gardener’s Bible ] “Good soil is not just “dirt”, according to Edward Smith (The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible), it is a repository for a wide range of nutrients like carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium plants need for truly healthy growth along with organic matter (remains of plants […]

snow covered tarps in garden

Our Colorado Weather!

Garden Site/Weather   So, while the pepper seeds are germinating in the house under grow lights, let’s talk about the garden site here in Morrison Co. The United States has 11 growing or hardiness zones which are arranged according to the average lowest temperature. This helps gardeners know which plants are most likely to survive […]

cluster of serano peppers on counter

Let’s Get Started!

It’s finally time to start some indoor seeds!  I used to start the pepper and tomato seeds at the same time in mid-February because I was SO eager to get going in the middle of winter.  But I have learned that they are not created equal in their growing times.  The peppers take a really […]

multiple seed packets on table

It All Starts With Seeds!

Do you know the difference between Heirloom, Hybrid and GMO seeds?  Heirloom seeds have been cultivated since before 1951 which means the same seeds will grow true to type from one generation to the next while a single Hybrid seed may be a combination of 2 or more plant varieties. Most packets will show if […]

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