Property Details and Maps

Property Details and Maps

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The Crystal Lake Resort is located about 40 miles driving from downtown Denver.  The property lies along the bank of the North Fork of the South Platte River just 6.4 miles South of Hwy 285 at Pine Junction.

The Resort Pacel is bordered in red below, with the river easement outlined in purple.

A Potential +-19Ac add-on parcel is outlined in dashed green to the north
The lots within the River’s Run are mapped to the south with sale parcels in dashed green and building envelopes in solid green.
The white division lines indicate zonings within the parcel.

The Historic town of Pine sets just to the Eastern border and is at an elevation of 6738 ft.
The Resort Parcel offered is a combination of 4 schedule numbers and includes zoning designations of C1, A2, and SR2 with Jefferson County.

map view

The Resort is adjacent to the 1.1 Million acre Pike National Forest as well as the 800 acre Pine Valley Ranch Open Space


The Resort is also adjacent to River’s Run at Crystal Lake neighborhood; a gated community of 11 custom home sites with lots from 6 to 14 acres.  The Resort and River’s Run have shared easement agreements allowing for mutual access to over a mile of private access to the river, as well as recreational access to the adjoining public lands and open space.  Lots are available within the River’s Run as possible add-ons.