San Luis Creek Ranch – Villa Grove, Colorado

San Luis Creek Ranch – Villa Grove, Colorado

840 Acres of gorgeous San Luis Valley Pasture/Grazing Land with Water Rights and additional acreage with BLM and State Grazing Leases

view of cows and creek bed

Lying just southeast of the northern gateway to the San Luis ValleyVilla Grove at the foot of the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, the San Luis Creek Ranch is a rich swath of exceptional irrigated and sub-irrigated pasture and grazing land adjacent to BLM and State Trust lands.  Expansive skylines in all directions from the prime location of this Colorado Ranch for sale at the northern end of the fertile San Luis Valley are highlighted by views of the San Juan Mountains to the west,Great Sand Dunes  National Park to the South, and stunning Sangre De Cristo mountains to the south and east.

map of property and leased ground

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aerial view of land

Neighboring some of the regions largest and most productive ranches and situated close to and bordering thousands and thousands of acres of public lands, this productive cattle and hay ranch has been in the same family for nearly 60 years.  The deeded 840 acres are fully fenced and cross fenced in to multiple pastures for rotation management and to isolate hay production areas.  A headquarters area towards the southwestern end is host to a modest 3 bedroom, 1 bath home currently rented month-to-month to a tenant; as well as working corrals and storage sheds.

During the 2023 growing season the ranch produced 800 3X5 bales weighing approximately 700lbs/bale for about 280 tons without utilizing any of the pivot irrigation.

aerial view of mountains


The property is supported by 4.8 cfs of valuable and productive surface water rights including 1.60 cfs priority #3, Steele Ditch #2; 2.20 cfs priority #35, Steele Ditch #2; & 1.00 cfs priority #14;, Schultze-Diettrich Ditch.  (There may be an additional .10 cfs of priority #2 from the Dittrich-Steele Ditch that has been indicated may be in an abandonment status). All within Water District No 25; Irrigation Division No. 3 of the State of Colorado.

Further irrigation water is provided by a 1000 GPM adjudicated productive Irrigation Well (W2152 Well No 1; Permit 11058-F) which is set up to provide water either directly to the north pivot; or to a reservoir which is designed to feed via surface ditch to the other two pivots to the south.  This well has not been in active use since perhaps 2017 when the diesel motor driving the pump was sold and never replaced.  It is currently in an “inactive status” within theSan Luis Valley Sub-District #2 and is stated to be able to be re-activated upon installation of a new drive system for the pump.  The annual filings with the Sub-District have been maintained since the inclusion within the district over the past several years.

An Exempt 25 GPM Well (W2152 Well No 7; no permit) is presumed to serve domestic and stock uses for the residence and surrounding headquarters area.

One other well has been identified (W2152 Well No 3; no permit) but not located and it has been indicated that this well may not be allowed to be utilized by the district.

Additional stock wells provide water upon the BLM Leases.

creek flooding

Three dormant pivot sprinklers line the western boundary with the capability to irrigate approximately 120 acres.  These structures have not been actively utilized since the end of the 2017 irrigation season when the diesel motor driving the irrigation well was removed from service and sold.  The well has since been placed in an “inactive” status with the water district and is understood to be able to be reactivated upon installation of a pumping drive system.  The design of the water system allows for the northernmost 1/4 pivot to be powered by a generator driven by the same motor as the well.  The two 1/2 pivots to the south are fed water via a ditch from the reservoir and powered from the single phase electric service coming up from the south and then utilizing a phase converter.

Additional assets to the ranch are the adjacent BLM and State grazing leases that may be assignable and transferrable to a buyer subject to approvals from the BLM and State Land Board.  The boundaries shown upon the San Luis Creek BLM Grazing Allotment lease documents encompass an estimated 5315 acres, some of which are privately held.  The Allotment Report identifies 2740 Public Acres with 263 AUMs.  The lease grazing begins June 10 of each grazing season through September 10.

map of deeded and leased land


1624 Sq Ft, 3 Bd, 1 Bth single level home; built 1979.

aerial view of ranch

Offered at $2,150,000

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