Bubbie’s Hideaway

Bubbie’s Hideaway

2,264 sq ft

Bubbie's Hideaway

The largest of the 3 guest houses is a complete residence, mother-in-law unit, or caretaker quarters at 2264 square feet.  Bubbie’s Hideaway first served as a main house while the current main house was under construction and it’s kitchen prepared meals for the craftsman on the project.  A large deck looks over the valley, landscape and lake.  4 full garage bays provide 1280 square feet of indoor parking for some or all of the guests.

2 Large Master Suites provide privacy and comfortable space away from the main house with plenty of room to spread out.

Bubbie’s Hideaway enjoys it’s own kitchen creating a completely self sufficient guest home for longer term guests or full time residency.  There is also an attached greenhouse providing a year round environment for plantings, or opportunities to start seedlings early in the spring.

large deck view

Just a short walk over to the main house; or enjoy breakfast on your own deck!

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