Conservation Easements

Conservation Easements

Conservation Easement Map

The northern deeded acres of the ranch were placed in to Conservation Easements by prior owners in 2003 (Hart Ranch I) & 2004 (Hart Ranch II) with Colorado Open Lands and the southern deeded acres were likewise placed in to the South Park Easement in 2006 with The Nature Conservancy.  These easements will preserve and protect the legacy of the property as a ranching and wildlife resource into the future.

map of building envelope

The majority of the northern acreage lies within the Hart Ranch II Conservation Easement and a small 98 acre swath (shaded in pink above) is part of the original Hart I easement that extends from across the highway to the east.  Non-agricultural improvements upon the property are limited to a 10 acre building envelope that currently contains the home and barn, with the opportunity for an additional residence to be built along with some added non-residential floor area.  The southern parcel (South Park easement) solely allows for agricultural elements without residential building envelopes.

The Deeds of Conservation Easement along with Baseline Surveys describing the lands and the processes are available within the Documents section of this website.

10 acre building envelope

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