Property Details & Maps

Property Details & Maps

The Ranch On Fourmile Creek lies at the eastern foot of the Mosquito Range and northwestern edge of the grassland basin know as South Park in Park County Colorado just outside the mountain town of Fairplay.  The ranch is 85 miles southwest of Denver or equally northwest of Colorado Springs and is just 25 miles south of the resort mountain and ski town of Breckenridge.

The property consists of 2012 deeded acres just south of the town of Fairplay off Hwy 285.  The Warm Springs Allotment BLM Grazing Lease which may be transferable to an eligible buyer consists of an estimated 1720 acres lying between the deeded parcels.  Another 355 acres under lease and adjacent to the west owned by The Nature Conservancy too may be transferable to an eligible buyer.  The TNC lease currently has some minor water rights to distribute flows from the Warm Springs ditch and enhance grass growth.  Just west of the northern deeded parcel is the Fourmile Creek at Peart allotment of the Colorado State Land Board consisting of 960 acres.  The ranch currently enjoys the grazing lease upon these lands which may be assignable (see below).

Note: This transaction may also include the assignment of a 960 acre agricultural  and/or recreation lease with the Colorado State Board of Land Commissioners. Seller is not authorized to assign the lease without the review and approval of the proposed assignment by the State Land Board; approval may be withheld in the State Land Board’s sole discretion. Should a buyer wish to procure the lease, seller agrees to submit the necessary paperwork to the State Land Board to begin the lease assignment review process.

property boundaries overview
3D Map Overview

Use the MapRight Interactive mapping below to zoom in/out and Hover over elements  or “View Full Screen” for additional information.  Use “3D” Button in lower right and then hold “control” while clicking and dragging to gain additional perspectives, topography, and views.

(Note access permitted by appointment only and must be accompanied by Broker)

The area is surrounded by a myriad of literally thousands of acres of public lands including BLM (yellow), State Land trusts (blue) and National Forest (green) with access to trails, lakes & streams, hunting & fishing and endless summer and winter recreational opportunities in all directions.

surrounding public lands map

The property is fenced and crossed fenced to a multitude of pasture and grazing segments.  The headquarters parcel is accessed from Hwy 285 and the southern parcel has portions off Hwy 285 and is bisected by County Road 5 traversing towards Weston Pass which can be traversed in summertime to Leadville.

Follow the pages below for detailed information on different elements of the property!